First African-led experiment at CERN

The first African-led experiment has taken place at CERN, supported by UK researchers. Students and staff from the University of the Western Cape, South Africa, have investigated the isotope Selenium 70 using Isolde, CERN’s nuclear physics facility. The nucleus of the isotope is known to have two possible shapes depending on its excitation state, and the team wanted to examine the relationship between shape and energy more closely. South Africa joined the Isolde collaboration in March 2017 to benefit from HIE-Isolde’s beams of unstable, exotic particles. The selenium 70 experiment, using Miniball, is the first to be approved. Students and staff explain more about the experiment, and why coming to CERN is so important for science in South Africa.

Elemental distribution inside a heat treated stainless steel weld.

The video shows the elemental distribution of Molybdenum (red), Manganese (green) and Chromium (blue) within a 20 μm × 20 μm × 20 μm region of a heat treated stainless steel weld. This data has been collected using 3D Focused Ion Beam Milling and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy, an elemental characterisation analysis technique. High resolution (75 nm voxel size) mapping is necessary to gain insight into the distribution of regions with distinct elemental composition (phases), which are shown in purple (sigma) and yellow (delta ferrite) in the video. These features have important implications for the toughness and the magnetic properties of the weld, especially at cryogenic temperatures. The video shows the individual slices which were collected in a direction perpendicular to the weld bead direction, followed by a 3D representation of the gauge volume.

Virtual Visit to USA, 2017.07.17.

SESAME stock footage Part5 (July 2016)

Installation of magnet for the new synchrotron line.

SESAME stock footage Part4 (July 2016)

SESAME main hall, first synchrotron ring donated by DESY and some construction.

SESAME stock footage Part6 (July 2016)

Footage of the SESAME facility, exterior and interior. (July 2016)

SESAME stock footage Part3 (July 2016)

SESAME control room and computer room